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Episode 9 Taishi Hainan Chicken

Hainan chicken rice is arguably one of the most popular dish in south east Asia. Originated from Hainan island south eastern of China and has gain overwhelming popularity in neighboring countries such as Vietnam Thailand Malaysia and Singapore. Because of that, there are many variation to the dish such as Cantonese style, Singaporean style, Thai style, etc.

“Taishi” actually comes from a Chinese word meaning “Thai Style”. If you’ve ever been to Thailand you’ll know that almost every area with street food there’ll be at least one Hainan Chicken Rice cart. It’s definitely one of the most popular street food in Thailand


Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop

BBQ. Real bad ass BBQ. That is what Big Mista’s is all about. I had to bring my friend Philippe from Montreal here. What kind of a host would I be if I did not? A selfish one, that’s the kind of host I would have been.

This place has been on TV and for good reason. I saw it the first time on some show on a flight from NYC to LAX and realized- that place is in my neighborhood.

If you know me then you know I am serious about BBQ. I think it can cure cancer, bridge racial divides and heal the world.

Big Mistas has some bad ass BBQ equipment. The legendary smoker is no longer on site because he lit it with an actual blow torch and well… it was a towering inferno. Apparently the neighboring stores didn’t like it. Like you cannot make this up. He has promised to some day take me to the smoker and show me but in it’s place is a $10,000 bad boy that brings each individual hunk of tri tip, pork or ribs to the perfect temperature and juicy goodness.

One time I went and I thought Big Mista’s had shut down. The front door was all boarded up. I checked angry at the universe for this injustice and actually… someone just broke the front glass. It had apparently been this way for a while. I called my glass guy who fixed the front window at our house when the cats smashed through. True story. Now Big Mista’s has a front door again that isn’t plywood and the universe is back in order.

Big Mista’s has it all. Amazing Ribs, Amazing pulled pork, hot links and brisket. The sides are insane. I am not a mac n cheese freak, but I love his mac n cheese. The best I’ve tasted (without lobster in it that is). The pineapple slaw is friggin stupid good. Corn bread? he’s got that too.

If you haven’t eaten here, you need to. The ribs are the absolute best, the most perfectly cooked. I’m not BS’ing when I say they are perfect. Juicy with a beautiful outer layer. I am also forced to wash this all down typically with a Shasta cream soda. Go to Big Mistas. Eat. Be ready to sleep afterwards.

Wait? There is not just one, but TWO Big Mista’s?? They’ve been holding out on me I have been to the Sammich shop but clearly I have to go next to the Morning Wood. Clever play on words there big mista.

Sammich Shop
3444 N Los Coyotes Diagonal
Long Beach, CA — 90808
562 452-6565

Morning Wood
4331 E Carson Street
Long Beach, CA— 90808
562 452-7300